It's A Long Time Coming For Lina & Bob

The Deets

Condo | 2 beds 2 baths | 984 sf

San Rafael - The Meadows

Off Market Sale

Close Date April 2022

The Why

I first met Bob and Lina in Napa in 2019! They're from the Mid-West and former Marin-ites. The goal was to get back to Marin in the second half of their life so they could mountain bike, hike and get back to Marin Life. (They're SUPER adventurous and watching them made me tired!) We explored lot's of different options throughout the 3 years we'd been working together (Napa being one of them). But time after time they came back to the Meadows, a condo complex in San Rafael/Terra Linda. The why came down to proximity to friends, bike trails and comfort.

The Real Time Experience

I really hung in there with them as life and timing sometimes got in the way. I must say over the course of 3 years, we started with a business relationship but ended with a friendship. This often happens when you work with clients for long periods of time, to my delight. This also gives me the opportunity to experience joy with them and gratitude that they hung in there with me too.

The EXTRA sizzle is this purchase would have never happened if I didn't go and hunt for this unit instead of wait for it to come to market. In the 2022 Marin market inventory was at an all time low and buyer demand an all time high. The previous year only 6 units in the complex sold (out of 100s). I knew which agents had a book of business in that complex and made frequent calls to check up on untapped inventory.

Next for Lina, Bob & I?

I look forward to checking up on their adventures, visiting them and hiking with them. There will be food and wine too!

Real Time Advice

This is a case of knowing what you want, waiting for the opportunity to present itself AND working with a well connected agent that thinks outside the box - that would be me :).


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