Dishy Trishy Bought A House

The Deets

SFR | 2 beds 2 baths | 1075 sf


1 offer

Close Date April 2019

2022 Update - I've been watching the Petaluma market very closely. The characteristics of this unique home rarely are available in the current housing stock. At the time of the sale the buyer was one of one offerers. Today there would be 5. Today it would list for $650K and land who knows where for the sale price. Read on to see the tale.

The Why

2019 - Every once in a while I get to work with someone who I know pretty well. In this case a dear friend of 20+ years, aka Dishy Trishy (DT). For a while we'd been talking about whether or not a home of her own might be a more satisfying living experience given she'd been sleeping with headphones on to help her block out neighbor and street noise! We looked at quite a few condos and some houses. In the end, a little house on the East side of Petaluma became the winner.

The Real Time Experience

Overall, this process was pretty easy. The house had fallen out of contract and I suggested we take a look at it. It came down to how it felt to be inside of the house. DT said, 'I could live here'. She submitted an offer and it was accepted. Then came the education process - me making sure my client is well informed and educated. She knew the market well enough to pull the trigger, and now investigating the condition of the house was next. I never want a buyer to buy a house without understanding the overall condition and what might need to be done.

This was inspection day. We had lunch at Risi Bisi Restaurant after inspections. It's downtown Petaluma and the food was yummy!

This house was especially suited to DT because it was the opposite of apartment living - very private. From the street you can't see any windows, yet the house is very light inside. Plus DT knows how to light a space!

It's a darling house with a narrow pathway to the front door filled with potted trees and rose bushes.

There's an especially lovely Japanese Maple tree and Weeping Blue Atlas tree that draw your eye down the path. It's really very magical.

The living room has a nice sliding door out to the patio.

It's been a real pleasure to see DT blossom in her new home. She's settling in and allowing herself to nest. It's a new feeling for her to invest in her own home. She's confessed it's a little too quiet but she's getting used to it. DT, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your new home buying experience, I'm so happy for you! Looks like big man kitty is happy too :)

Real Time Advice

The take away is taking a leap of faith can bring you peace of mind.


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