Bill Seeks Solitude In Sonoma & Risa Plays Tennis

The Deets

SFR | 3 beds 2 baths | 1408 sf

Sonoma - Temelec - A Senior Community

1 Offer

Close Date July 2020

The Why

These are the kind of real estate adventures that are really fun! Introducing Bill and Risa, aka 'SF-Bill and SF-Risa'. That should tell you something about how long they've been in San Francisco! Bill is an avid writer with published books and Risa is enjoying tennis by day and bridge by night. She belongs to more clubs/groups than I can count. Bill and Risa were living in an apartment in the San Francisco Marina district with 2 flights of stairs. SF life was beginning to ware on Bill and he began to think of a softer, gentler, quieter lifestyle. One where he could write his novels with peace, tranquility, nature and less SF shenanigans. Bill rented a cottage in Sonoma for the summer and as the rental came to an end Bill set out to buy a home. This is where I come in.

The Real Time Experience

After briefly working with another agent Risa contacted me Risa was a little put off because the agent they were working with told her and Bill the offer they wanted to submit for a fixer house in Temelec (a retirement community just outside of Sonoma) would be a waste of time. I listened to what Risa and Bill were trying to accomplish and made some suggestions. I also sent them a list of sold comparable sales so they could see what their target purchase was currently selling for. Eventually, after showing them homes on the market and some I found off market, they settled on a house. I submitted an offer on their behalf and the seller declined the offer. We looked at more houses, but the house they made an offer on kept lingering in their thoughts. I went back to the agent and started a conversation about what it would take to make it work. This negotiation was a little complicated as the seller had some preconceived notions about how VA loans work and assumed the low down payment would cause the deal to fall apart. The seller also needed a long rent back (the seller rents the house after close of escrow from the buyer). Eventually, we were able to hash out a set of terms and agreed upon price.

Next For Bill, Risa & I

I'm truly grateful to have Bill and Risa in my life. Risa and I are sisters from another mother - we just tell it like it is, no bullshit. The three of us frequently get together and enjoy a meal. Here we're meeting at Grossman's Noshery & Bar at the Hotel La Rose in Santa Rosa's Historic RailRoad Square. The food was to die for! I give it a big thumbs up.

Real Time Advice

The combination of the three of us working in partnership helped a lot. What it really got down to - I pestered the agent to work with her seller to get past the seller objections.


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