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Buying or selling a home is one of the most satisfying life events you’ll experience.  What an accomplishment! It can also be a challenge if you’re trying to navigate the complicated world of local real estate markets, offer terms, and loan acquisitions without guidance. When working with a professional Marin Sonoma Realtor, you’ll have the opportunity to make educated, sound and informed decisions. I believe you deserve to be educated, informed and listened to.  Your needs are what I strive to meet.


Buying a home is one of the most satisfying life events you’ll experience.  What an accomplishment! Your own home to do with what you like.  Nothing makes me happier than you being excited to receive the keys to your new home.

With information about real estate available as quick as one can push enter, the over whelming amount of information can easily send you down the rabbit’s hole and arm you with just enough information to be dangerous, yet distracted from the simple intent to purchase property.  Many ‘real estate googler’s’ end up with a sense they’ve read enough and don’t need the expertise of a Realtor to get going.  Don’t discount a simple 15 minute phone conversation with a Realtor.  A Realtor’s intimate knowledge of the inventory, the process to purchase and acquire financing is essential to a successful purchase.  No matter how early you are in the process, don’t be afraid to talk with an expert to gain the knowledge you need and set yourself on the proper path.

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Selling a property can be daunting, overwhelming, and emotional – or not. The decision to sell is likely prompted by a life event that will close one chapter and open another, like a growing family that is running out of space, or a downsizing. When working with a Marin Sonoma Realtor, you will be expertly shepherded through the sale process and educated at each turn so you can make an informed decision every step of the way. My goal is to maximize the sale of your property in the manner in which you’d like it done, your terms. My commitment to you is that I will guide you to a successful finish with efficiency, integrity and honesty.

My Services include:• Extensive knowledge of the local markets• Expertise in various types of specific properties such as estates, vineyards, wineries, farms and luxury properties.• Proven ability to sell property in all price ranges.• A marketing plan tailored to your time frame and to maximize the sale of your property.• An evaluation of the value of your property for the sale of your property.• An initial in-person conversation to better understand your goals in selling your property.• Property preparation with local venders if necessary.• High quality proprietary marketing materials.• Extensive on-line exposure.• More shall be revealed during our presentation of our ability to sell your home.

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