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If you've landed here, I'm happy to tell you all about me.  Just skip to the *.  Or better yet, click on the blog link above and see what I've been up to and get GREAT Real Estate insight.


Truth be told, who cares about me? What you want is real market advice from a veteran Realtor who knows how to navigate the current market conditions. 

*For context, I am a single mother morphing into an empty nester.  As of January 2022 my son moved out.  Frankly, I'm not sure what to with myself and life changes/motivations are morphing by the minute. 

I guess my second identity would be 'there is a way to do it right'.  I learned this from my father.  We are both Virgos.  To be clear... In order of efficiency first (scrap the bullshit) coupled with organize it right (only rated for Virgo speak - don't worry, I'll teach you how).  How does this translate to you, the potential buyer or seller?  Well, it's a magic carpet ride (link to reviews and video reviews) that makes my white glove 'invitation to my process' worth a look. link to video where the client felt like I communicated with them really well. 

I don't deny trust is a big factor here.  After all this sell or purchase will likely be one of a few of the biggest in your life.  Understood and I take that very seriously.   I treat your money like it's mine. Frankly, I want you to buy for the least that you can and sell for the most that you can.  I work VERY diligently to make sure you understand all the market conditions and make informed decisions.  

Now that you understand how I work for you, take a look at my background and see if I muster a pass.  If you're already convinced, see how I work and how you can get my attention.  (links to blogs and a fill out the form). 

Annalise Demuth - The 5 Star Realtor.  The Seamless Realtor.  The 'do it on dime' remodeler'.  

I must admit, I have a split personality agent history.  I have sold many homes in Marin and many homes in Sonoma.  I have a good working knowledge of the North Bay market and an expert knowledge of Marin and Sonoma neighborhoods. (show links to neighborhoods and links to solds in various neighborhoods) 


With more than 19 years of experience (licensed in 2003) with real estate sales, one tidbit I live by (and this is timeless) every offer scenario is different, every selling scenario is different and every transaction is different. I will work with your needs and your scenario. Nothing surprises me, and I've got some shit stories to tell you,  but I'm rarely caught with my pants down. NO transaction is the same and this biz is NOT rinse and repeat.  Diligence with regard to a fiduciary responsibility to you is my first priority and that takes a lot of knowledge, skill and humility. 


By far I would say my best skill is knowing how to position you (the buyer seller) to the scenario at hand. The context here is that I have very good colleague to colleague relationships and am skilled at communicating with my colleagues to enroll them in how to receive you as a potential buyer or seller. I explain what your needs are and how my colleagues can help you get you what you want.  Disclaimer - I do not have a magic wand, crystal ball or powers of mind control, so don't ask me to do that!


A little about me: I am a mother. I am a wine makers daughter and sister. I grew up in San Francisco, I was raised in Marin in the 70's.  I went college in the 90's, became a single mom in the 2000's.  Now I'm just old. :) All those decades have taught me life is about comfort, how I can best excel and how I can make smart financial decisions.  I will impart what wisdom I have if you want it.


The well written bullshit. and with close family connections to the wine industry, Lise brings the perfect blend of know-how, clarity, and vision to guiding you through your wine country real estate search.


Whether you are saying yes to your dream home, selling your portfolio of properties, excited to try out the craft of wine making via your new hobby vineyard estate, or simply ready to choose greater satisfaction in your quality of life, Lise’s commitment to your personal journey, along with her mastery of the market, expert negotiation skills, and complete knowledge of contractual obligations, offers just the right mix of oversight and inspiration for you to get the results you want.

At the heart of Annalise’s success as a Realtor is her ability to create strong, trusting partnerships with her clients. Annalise understands what it takes to be set up for success. Achieving sustainable happiness through quality of living satisfaction is a main ingredient. Her early experience in the tech industry also contributes business savvy and forward thinking to buying and selling properties. For this reason, Lise was inspired to craft this blog, just for you.


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